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Contact us
or call: 1-800-772-6673
9:00 am - 4:30 pm Central time Weekdays

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Got the F.A.Q. click here!

UPDATED 08.06.07 ne

For a look at the MTMTE profile of Beta Maxx, the mini-con companion
that came with this years BotCon Souvenier Alpha Trion, click HERE.
UPDATED 07.05.07

Check out the Saturday Showroom pics!

UPDATED 07.04.07

Just added are the winners in this year's art contests!

Photos from the Awards Party / Concert on Saturday Night are now up!
Check out the pics of Stan Bush performing!

UPDATED 07.02.07
Just added - autograph signing images. There's lots of images
from BotCon 2007 still to come. Keep checking back!

UPDATED 07.01.07
Check out the images from the Hasbro Movie Panel AND
all the fun from the Attacktix Tournament. Check the menu
on the top left side of this page.

Just added are images of this year's art and custom figures !

UPDATED 06.30.07

The BotCon Board Wars return! Check out the action HERE!

UPDATED 06.29.07

Check out the Friday Showroom Preview!

Take a peek at the latest Transformers goodness from Hasbro!

See photos from the awesome Whale Watching Tour HERE!

Also, check out the photos from Friday Night!

UPDATED 06.28.07

BotCon 2007 Souvenirs REVEALED!

Click here to see them!

UPDATED 06.24.07

Directions to BotCon 2007!

Click here...for Directions and Parking Info for BotCon 2007!

UPDATED 06.22.07

Special Guest Update!

PETER CULLEN will be joining us Saturday at BotCon 2007!

UPDATED 06.21.07

BotCon Special Guest & Info Update!

<<< Schedule of Events has been added to the menu >>>

BOB ORCI & ALEX KURTZMAN writers of the Transformers movie script will be joining us
Friday and Saturday at BotCon 2007!

Question: How will the souvenir sales work this year, since we know these items are very limited?
Answer: As in past years, there are two souvenir figure packs and a new display accessory.
Each souvenir figure pack contains two figures. There will also be several
different memorabilia items available.

All Primus, Protoform and Dealers (booth holders) will be able to purchase one set of each souvenir
two pack starting Thursday night through Friday night (only one set each, Dealers limited to one set per booth).
On Saturday morning any person with a badge will able to purchase a set of each two pack, while supplies last.
This will be limited to one set per each time you go through the line. The sales will open at 8:30 am on Saturday
but you can line up at anytime. On Thursday and Friday, you must be wearing your badge to purchase these
limited edition items. On Saturday, sales will be open to any General Admission attendees (provided there are
any still available at General Admission entry time).

UPDATED 06.20.07

Special Guest Update!

ERNIE PETRAGELO will be joining us all weekend at BotCon 2007!

UPDATED 06.19.07

Special Guest Update!

DANIEL ROSS will be joining us all weekend at BotCon 2007!

UPDATED 06.18.07

Party & Special Guest Update!

We have made some great changes to Saturday night's dinner. Instead of a dinner, we are going to have
a PARTY! Not just any party, mind you, but a real throw down! The Awards Party starts at 7pm
with a cash bar cocktail hour.

At 8PM the Cusaks (a local '80s band) will start the evening with a bang and we will also begin
serving the party food and sometime around 9pm STAN BUSH will be in concert at BotCon 2007!

In addition, Stan will be with us the entire weekend with his own panels and autograph sessions.
Upstairs will be tables and seating, along with the convention favorite "Bingo", complete with all different kinds of
Transformers prizes. Also upstairs will be a quite lounge and a game lounge where you can play your favorite
Hasbro board games or you are welcome to bring you own.

Don't forget to get your Awards Party Concert Goody Bag when you enter at 7pm
(courtesy of Hasbro, thanks guys!)

Notice: If you are planning to sign up for a Protoform package, you must have your form to us by
5pm Central Time Tuesday June 19. After that time, anyone else who wants to sign up must
go to new registration on Friday monring June 29 at the Rhode Island Convention Center.

If you still need to add a movie ticket to your order (one per registered package) you must do
this by Thursday 5pm Central Time June 21. After that time, no more movie tickets will be sold.

Transformers Custom Class Mold REVEALED --- click here!

UPDATED 06.14.07

The BotCon items arrived from China today!
In honor of the arrival we are very proud to offer an image of the 2007 BotCon figure set box art!"

UPDATED 06.08.07

2007 BotCon Hasbro Visit Winners!

The drawing is in. The lucky 100 people listed -- Click Here
and will be going on the Hasbro Visit on Friday June 29, 2007.
All of the people in the last 100 will be on the same scheduled Hasbro Visit together.
Make sure you you pick up your registration materials on Thursday night at your assigned time.
You will receive your visit instructions and schedule at that time.

UPDATED 05.31.07

Don't miss the largest gathering of Transformers Fans of all time!
Fax in your
Dealer Registration form ASAP to 817-448-9843!
Dealers can also purchse a movie ticket for your staff.
You can use the Guest Registration Form to order your tickets.

General Admission Information:

Protoform Packages are still available and there will be General Admission for BotCon on Saturday and Sunday.
Be sure to check out the brochure for BotCon! Download the registration form (Guest Registration)
and fax it to 817-448-9843 to reserve your Protoform Package and Movie Tickets!
Primus and Protoform Package holders will get first chance to purchase BotCon souvenirs on Thursday Night!
Movie tickets are still available for all Attending Package holders!

Rhode Island Convention Center
One Sabin Street, Providence, RI 02903-1814
General Admission to the public starts...

Saturday, June 30 2007
9:00 AM Early Bird $50
10:00 AM General Admission Adults $10,
Children 5-12 $5, Under 5 Free 5:00 PM Show Closes!

Sunday, July 1, 2007
9:30 AM General Admission Adults $10,
Children 5-12 $5, Under 5 Free 3:30 PM Show Closes!


There will be a couple of surprises when you check into one of the official BotCon hotels!
The first one we will tell you about is:

Courtesy of Dave and Busters, upon check-in at the Westin, Biltmore, Marriott Courtyard or Hilton,
each registered guest will receive a free VIP Power Card! This card is good for a couple of FREE games
at Dave and Busters...

While you are waiting for the Transformers Movie to start on Thursday night,
drop in at Dave & Buster's (40,000 sq ft of fun) located across from the Providence Place Cinema 16.
Their Million-Dollar Midway features over 200 electronic state-of-the-art games, simulators
and virtual reality games.
In addition to the fun and games of the Midway, they offer ViewpointAreas that contain Championship Style
Shuffleboard & World Class Pocket Billiards tables, along with 26 televisions and 3 full bars.

We hope you enjoy your time in Providence!
(oh yes, and the other surprise is, well a surprise)



Our current hotel block for BotCon 2007 is at
The Hilton Providence.

Guests can call 800-221-3109 or 401-831-3900 right now to make reservations.
(A web link will be available in the next few days)

This final hotel room block won't last long so make your reservations today!
The Hilton is one block from the Rhode Island Convention Center.
If you encounter any problems in arranging for lodging, please let us know
and we will try to help you.


Rhode Island Charities For Transformers Movie Event

Hasbro Children's Hospital (HCH): HCH is Rhode Island's premier pediatric facility
that has earned worldwide recognition for its family-centered environment and expert staff.
As the pediatric division of Rhode Island Hospital, HCH specializes in the treatment
of children ranging in age from newborn to 18 years.

The Autism Project of Rhode Island: A dedicated group of Rhode Island
parents, teachers, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists and other related
professionals who come together to support their mission to empower, educate and support
individuals with autism and their families.

Adoption Rhode Island: Adoption RI is a non-profit organization that strives to place
children living in state care into safe, loving and permanent family environments.

The Rhode Island Community Food Bank: The RI Community Food Bank stores and
distributes food and grocery products to Rhode Island's hungry. In addition, RI Food Bank
provides leadership and information to promote citizen action, advance government
nutrition assistance, and promote private efforts aimed at developing effective solutions
toward the elimination of hunger in Rhode Island.