Comments about BotCon '05!

(Excerpts from the BotCon package holder survey.)

"You guys did a great job! I’ve met more people and had more fun than I did in 2001."

"I was looking forward to the BotCon for months! Great job! Really impressed with the hotel as well as the Con! Can’t wait for the next one! Thanks."

"I have had the most fun this year at the show. I only had a couple of issues that I believe could have been
done better."

"Great year. Thank you. Well run and balanced convention."

"The staff was fantastic! Tremendous help and always very nice and friendly!"

"Great first impression under new management. Love the figure set. I wasn’t sure on price at first, but it was totally worth it."

"I enjoyed the feel of the convention, but felt the dealers’ room was a little small. It was well organized and the staff was friendly.  I am impressed with how well it was run in spite of only having 8 months to put it together."

"I loved all of the Hasbro seminars. Actually, all the seminars were informative and fun. Casino Night was really fun. One of the best BotCons ever! Thank you all for one great convention. Looking forward to seeing you all next year."

"Very efficiently run, awesome guests, good exclusives, things were done on time, no lack of promised merchandise."

"Overall you did a fantastic job and I’m very impressed although I have high expectation that the next one will be even better! Congratulations on a fantastic con!"

"The organization of the show was the best I have ever experienced. The exclusive figures were a great variety and Fallback is the first deco of the Strongarm mold that I like. Other than getting more dealers, I don’t know how much more could be done. I found the whole experience to be great. I liked that Mr. Savage walked around at the dinner and thanked everyone for coming. An approachable person helps make an event pleasant."

"Finally seeing Hasbro and Takara at a convention was amazing. All the panels have been informative and the Cybertron Theater was superb! All the staff at the convention have been incredibly friendly, courteous and helpful. The operation is professional and despite some minor delays – everything went perfectly smoothly."

"Thank you for taking the time to give us a great Transformers convention. You guys went the extra mile and really seemed to care about us."

"Though the organization was spot-on, having the convention in the fall made it very difficult for me to attend."

"It was by far the best organized and executed convention of the 6 that I have attended. My only concerns were the size of the dealer room and the guests ( which I understand due to time constraints and such). Great job overall. Can’t wait for next year!"

"The set was very nice and the staff was very courteous and helpful. The charity casino night was awesome."

"The convention set of toys was very good. I was worried about seeing them online before hand, but the surprise of the 8th figure and the additional 2 packs was great if a little pricey."

"This year was truly the best transformers convention I have been to. We have been coming since 2000. Everything was wonderful. Everything was on time. You guys are truly very professional and very kind. I can’t wait until we see you next year."

"Very organized, good exclusives."

"The set was perfect! One of the best in years!"

"Overall a great Con. It ran very smoothly and everything that was promised was delivered. Acoustics in the panel room were not the best and more microphones for people asking questions would be nice."

"Organization was excellent! Exclusives were very good and the packaging was great. I liked the RID Megatron (Deathsaurus) the best followed by Ratchet and Ironhide.  The Arcee cycles were good too – having extra surprise exclusives was sweet. The other exclusives were not as good, but still nice. The panels were fun, but I would have liked more / bigger guests. The dealer room was good. I loved pre-reg preview access!"

"Overall, this show had excellent organization. I really appreciated the badges with the schedule printed on the back. Signage in the building was also exceptional. Casino night was very fun. I felt disappointed by the number of dealers."

"I think the value of the convention set was awesome. I wouldn’t change anything. The foam inserts are great and the high quality of the box was amazing."

"This show was better run than expected. I look forward to seeing next year’s show. I hope the set has fewer and larger figures."

"Thanks for the superb weekend. I traveled a very long way to be here and have no regrets whatsoever. I appreciate all the hard work put in by everyone involved and hope they continue to bring the fans events of
this nature."

"I loved the panels. They were very informative and entertaining thanks to some impromptu jokes by both panel and audience members. The dealer room was also great. I’d never been in a place that had such great selection. The guests were great too. All of the voice actors were class acts. I loved everything- even the courtesy room."

"This was a good start in the Transformers field. There are always areas  for improvement, but this year  the benefits outweighed any detractions."