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David Kaye

David Kaye voices

DAVID KAYE is a man of a thousand voices -- and a growing number of faces. He was already a radio professional by the age of sixteen. Working summers and week-ends during his high school years in Peterborough, Ontario, he dropped his plans for a psychology degree to pursue a full-time career on-air.

Writing and improvising material for the Zoo channel on Vancouver’s CKLG radio soon gave him a taste for more challenging fare, so he undertook acting studies. "When I was still in radio," recalls Kaye with an uncontrollable smile, "somebody told me I would never make a living in this town doing voice-overs. That was all I needed to hear." Kaye has since worked non-stop as a voice actor. He began by supplying vocal personalities to cartoon characters on series like G.I. Joe (the Canadian’s first cartoon character was as the "real American hero" GENERAL HAWK). Fast-forward now through over a hundred characters to some of the more memorable ones and you get to the voice of PROFESSOR XAVIER on WB Kid's animated X-Men: Evolution; MAJOR POWERS for Hasbro’s toy ‘Major Powers’; SOUN in Ranma 1/2, CLANK, in the popular Playstation 2 game, ‘Ratchet and Clank’; SESSHOMARU in the hot anime Inuyasha; Treize Khushrenada in Gundam: Battle Assault 2 … and, of course, he’s MEGATRON from Beast Wars and OPTIMUS PRIME from Transformers Animated.

"I have been really lucky with the direction my career has taken ... I’ve been able to do my own thing." That "thing" includes dead-on comic timing and a flair for intense dramatics. The six-foot, brown-haired Kaye comes by his flamboyance naturally, since he counts Captain Blood -- the infamous model for Errol Flynn's most swashbuckling role -- as one of his family ancestors.

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