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Arlene Banas

Voice of Carly

ARLENE BANAS voiced Carly, who was the love interest of Spike Witwicky in the original G-1 Transformers series. In addition to Carly, she also voiced Allegra and Ynara on two additional episodes of the show.

Though she voiced the girl next door on the cartoon, Arlene has amazing comic timing, having been a regular performer on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson as one of the “Mighty Carson Art Players.” She had a re-occurring role on the Colby’s, guest starred on several television series such as Dynasty, She’s the Sherriff and Freddy’s Nightmares and was in a number of Television movies.

Arlene’s current creative interests are gardening with much attention to growing organic veggies; the stock market; and enjoying loved ones especially her sister, Nita. And of course, sports! Ice-skating and biking are currently high on the list (when not shoveling snow around our building in Chicago). Lastly, Go Bulls!

Be sure to come meet the ORIGINAL Carly at BotCon 2011 in Pasadena, Ca. for autographs!

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