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Hasbro 11

Hasbro’s Transformers brand team will be on hand all throughout the weekend
at BotCon 2011. Come by their exhibit and attend their awesome panels so you can
have all your burning questions about Transformers toys answered!

Here are some of the things they may cover in their panels:
* Current and future Transformer toys *
* What goes in to the production of the Transformers figures *
* Sneak peeks at the all-new “Transformers: Prime” series and so much more! *

Hey Kids... check out the Hasbro exhibit as they will have all kinds of hands-on
activities for you! As always, there will be some surprises in store, so make sure to
come see the Hasbro booth and their coolest display yet at BotCon 2011!

Hasbro Booth!

BotCon 2011!

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