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Artist Alley!04/29/2011 - BotCon 2011 will feature an amazing Artists Alley this year! We have many great artists that will be joining us in Pasadena on June 2nd-June 5th and will be available for sketches and/or will be selling prints of their artwork.

Some of the great artists confirmed so far include: Marcelo Matere, Dan Khanna, Josh Perez, Thomas Deer, Robby Musso, David Willis, Silas Zee and Casey Coller.

Stay tuned as we will be announcing more artists in the next couple of weeks!

If you are an artist and would like to be a part of this years Artists Alley at BotCon, please Register now.

2011 Sets SOLD OUT!03/27/2011 - The BotCon Primus and Iacon as well as the loose packages are now all SOLD OUT!

That's right, it took just a little over five days for all of the toy packages to be gone! There are still Protoform packages available. Stay tuned for upcoming guest information.

2011 Box Set!03/24/2011 - BotCon Registration has been moving at a record pace. We have sold out of both custom classes, Iacon packages and all loose sets. If you are planning on attending, we still have Primus packages available, so head on over to the Registration and get yours today!

All Primus holders will receive this years convention box set, "The Stunti-Con-Job", featuring ALL FIVE Animated Stunticons. You can now see the box art for the set on the "Con Exclusives" page.

For an up close look at the BotCon T-shirt design, head on over to our Facebook page. And for streaming live news leading up to BotCon, and from the event itself, you can follow us on Twitter!

2011 Registration online!03/21/2011 - Here is the news that you have been waiting for...the 2011 BotCon convention online registration system is now available...Click Here!

Make sure to sign-up for all your packages and tours before the show sells out!

2011 Brochure online!03/18/2011 - We are pleased to announce that the 2011 BotCon convention brochure is now online...Click Here!

Please read all the information about the packages and events. If you have any questions, please submit using the Contact Us form!

Marty Isenberg03/07/2011 - We are very excited to announce that Marty Isenberg, Story Editor for the Transformers Animated cartoon, will be writing Timelines Issue 6 featuring Transformers Animated! This is the comic that will be available with every Primus and Iacon package as well as sold via the TCC Club store at BotCon 2011. This years story follows the Animated Stunticons, the characters that make up this years 5 figure box set!

For the full press release and a first look at some of the art from this years comic, head on over to our friends at MTV Geek...Click Here!

Stunticons02/24/2011 - Here it is, the final BotCon Transformers Animated Stunticon figure reveal! Motormaster, the star of Motormaster's Stunt Convoy, features an all-new head sculpt which pays tribute to his original "head in a box" design. You can view this great figure by clicking the "Con Exclusives" button.

We are pleased to announce our THIRD hotel block for BotCon at the Pasadena Courtyard by Marriott! The hotel is approximately six short blocks from the Pasadena Convention Center. Be sure to make your reservations soon before this block is gone...Hotel Information!

Stunticons02/17/2011 - Last week, fans voted for Drag Strip to be the next reveal. For those of you who were eagerly looking forward to Wildrider, the wait is over! Utilizing the Blazing Lockdown mold, Wildrider features both a Chainsaw AND an amazing new head sculpt! View this great figure by clicking the "Con Exclusives" button.

Final details for BotCon are in the process of being approved and finalized, and once that is done everyone will be able to register for the attendee and non-attendee packages. This is one set you will not want to miss out on and one convention that will be the biggest and best yet!

Stunticons02/10/2011 - The fans have voted and by a comfortable margin: Drag Strip was chosen to be the next Stunticon reveal! You can view this amazing figure, featuring in true "Animated" fashion a whole NEW take on the character, by clicking the "Con Exclusives" button.

Your response to this years Animated Stunticon theme continues to amaze us. We are getting closer to everyone being able to register for the attendee and non-attendee packages...stay tuned!

Stunticons02/03/2011 - We are pleased to reveal our second Stunticon from this years Transformers Animated Convention set... Breakdown! You can view this amazing figure, featuring an all-new head based on a design by Derrick J. Wyatt, by clicking the "Con Exclusives" button.

Response to this years Animated Stunticon theme has been overwhelming, and we will have both attendee and non-attendee registration available in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned as we will be announcing details about BotCon 2011 every week leading up to the show!

Stunticons01/27/2011 - Welcome to the BotCon 2011 Convention page! BotCon will be here again before we know it, and with so much Transformers excitement coming this year you can expect that BotCon will be bigger than ever!

Currently, only a few links are active as we are still compiling all of the info for this years show. However, we do have our first major announcement here and now! The BotCon 2011 convention set theme... One of the most popular lines in Transformers history is back, and the five figures that make up the BotCon convention set will be the ultimate addition to your collection. Get ready for Transformers Animated Stunticons!

You can check out the first figure from this convention set right now by clicking the "Con Exclusives" button! Stay tuned as we will have plenty more information on this years set theme, the story and of course, figure exclusive reveals!

(Keep watching this site for more news and updates!)

BotCon 2011!

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