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Question: If I register for a Primus package, can I add a Mini-Con later?
Answer: Yes... but you will need to download the paper form, fax it in and our Admin will do the add for you.

Question: Is it possible to split my payment methods when I register?
Answer: Unfortunately no. We don't have a way to split tender.

Question: When I order the Primus package how long after getting it at BotCon will I receive the Bonus figure?
Answer: At package pick-up you get both of them together.

Question: Do I have to stay for all 4 days of BotCon or can I leave any of the days?
Answer: Attendees can leave whenever they want but you will not be eligible for the drawing for the 2 trips to the 2013 show. Dealers must stay until 3:30 PM on Sunday.

Question: I wanted to know what the pricing is for a corner 10x10 space?
Answer: All booths are the same size 11' wide by 8' deep. Special requests are honored as much as we can. If you want the end cap you would need two booths.

Question: Do I have to be in the same hotel that BotCon is at?
Answer: No... but if you are not, you will need to pay parking each day, plus deal with the traffic. We are working on additional blocks.

Question: Can you have a family member go on one of the tours (as long as they pay for it) even if they don't get a Mini-Con package?
Answer: No. There is not a way to process it as you must be registered for a badge of some type to attend any function.

Question: Is there a limit on the golden tickets to be sold to Mini-Con packages?
Answer: Yes... It is 75 limited to one per Golden Ticket.

Question: When are you going to release the Celebrity guest info?
Answer: Celebrity Guests will be announced prior to the show dates.

Question: If I am only sixteen and buy a Primus package, would my guardian or parent also need to purchase a Primus package and attend with me?
Answer: You would need a guardian for attendance. You can get them the Mini-Con Package or a second Primus package.


Question: Are tickets available for the Hall of Fame and Casino night?
Answer: There are no tickets for the HOF Party and Casino Dinner event. You must have one of the proper packages to attend this eveniing.

Question: I read that Golden Ticket holders get to buy triple the regular limit on convention exclusives. Is that on the first day the exclusives are available, or is that for every day the exclusives are available?
Answer: That is on the first day. After that it would go back to the limit put on everyone as it would be impossible to plan for those amounts.

Question: The Hyatt hotel is booked already. Is there any way to get a room still?
Answer: Get on their wait list while we work on another block.

Question: Can I just come to the hotel and buy toys from dealers?
Answer: Yes, if you pay General Admission to get into the show.


Question: Can you tell me when registration will start for BotCon?
Answer: It will be available sometime in the first week of January. We will send a message to all club members when registration goes live.

Question: Can I purchase two Primus packages with my membership from the TCC and give one to my friend, or would my friend have to purchase his own membership to get the discounted price?
Answer: Your friend would need their own membership to get the discount.

Question: How much will the additional souvenir figures cost at the convention?
Answer: No information is available on the souvenir figures at this time. And there will not be any info released until the convention about these pieces.

Question: Does the price for the Iacon package include the shipping and handling charge or do you charge extra for the shipping and handling?
Answer: Shipping will be figured when you place the order. You will know what it is before you complete your Iaocon package order.

Question: When registration opens, will we be able to reserve/purchase any of the souvenir figure sets at the same time?
Answer: The toy souvenirs are only available at the show, you cannot pre-order them.

Question: What time should we expect everything to start on 4/26?
Answer: Schedules have not been established. Registration pick-up will start in the evening, which is usually around 6 pm .

Question: Will you have other hotel locations available in the area for BotCon?
Answer: We are working on some alternatives but this won't happen until after the New Year. We will send out an email to all TCC members when we have an additional solution.


Question: How much are the walk-up General Admission tickets on Saturday and Sunday?
Answer: Please read the 2012 BotCon brochure by clicking the information tab at the left-hand menu. The details are listed on the third page under General Admission.

Question: Does the price difference between club members and non-members refer to the Mini-Con attendee, or to the Primus attendee that is sponsoring them?
Answer: It could refer to either or both. Your membership covers your immediate family, Parents, Siblings, Spouse, Children. Anyone else would be a non-member.

Question: Is the main difference between the Mini-Con and Protoform Packages that Mini-Cons are allowed to go to the Casino dinner but not the tours?
Answer: The only people that can go on the tours are the people who paid for them. Any package can pay for the tours and go. The Mini-Con can go to the Dinner event while the Protoforms cannot.

Question: Is there a limit on the number of film-fest entries one person can submit?
Answer: Yes, two entries.

Question: Are there only a limited number of Primus packages available?
Answer: Yes, there is a finite number but we have no idea how fast they will sell out.


Question: When does pre-registration or registration start for BotCon 2012?
Answer: In several weeks. We are still working on the details.

Question: Do you have information on when and where I can buy General Admission tickets?
Answer: General Admission prices have not been established yet. This will be released when the registration information is available online in the next several weeks. Tickets are only sold at the door. General Admission does not have access to all of the convention events (You only have access to the Exhibit Hall and the Panels).

Question: Do I have to stay in the same hotel as the convention?
Answer: You do not have to stay at the hotel but it makes the show so much better to be with all the other TF fans. We will sell the hotel out.

Question: How are tickets handled for younger children such as babies under two years of age?
Answer: For Registered Guests we don't recommend small children at some of the events as they are not geared for very young children. However there is no charge for children under five but, they must sit if your lap if it is an event that requires seating.

Question: If I am a TCC member and want to bring a freind, can I register for two adults tied to my member account?
Answer: Yes, but if they are not a member you will need to choose the non-member pricing for them at registration.

Question: Can you please have additional rooms reserved at the hotel under Botcon? They do have rooms, but not at the Botcon rate?
Answer: We will be working on this over the next several days and will send out an email to the club members when we get a resolution.

(Keep watching this section for more FAQ updates!)


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