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Wally Burr


WALLY BURR was born in Chicago. But that was just the beginning!

After some extensive horsing around in the U.S. Cavalry (Armored), Burr attended Northwestern University’s School of Speech. Then, having learned to talk almost as well as George Bush, he launched into a professional career as an announcer in Chicago radio.

This bored the b’jeezus out of him. So when the military once more beckoned, Wally leaped at the opportunity to return to active duty as an instructor in Tank Gunnery at The Armor School, Fort Knox, Kentucky. (This proved considerably less dangerous than actually firing shots in anger during combat.)

While stationed at Ft. Knox, Burr showed up daily -- on time! -- to demonstrate the aforementioned tank guns and also starred weekly in an Army talent show at neighboring Louisville’s CBS-TV station.

During this period, Wally realized the following:

(1) That Tank Gunnery presented somewhat limited career opportunities.
(2) That trying to do a TV variety show live on a limited budget is dumb.
(3) That after returning again to civilian status, he would probably be able to fake it in television.

So, upon discharge, Burr purchased a pair of used puttees and became a TV commercial director in Chicago.

Burr’s skills as a visualizer and occasional exaggerator were soon noticed and a humongous advertising agency hired him to visualize and exaggerate on a scale he’d never before imagined for such prestigious accounts as Kellogg’s, Procter & Gamble, Green Giant and StarKist.

Wally’s visual exuberance soon attracted him to Hollywood (and, of course, visa versa!) He moved to L.A. and quickly found employment with the likes of Hanna-Barbera, DePatie-Freleng, and other studios where he cast, voice directed and even occasionally mildly offended actors in animated shows for each of the American TV networks.

Greedier than the average Burr, Wally founded Wally Burr Recording. Where? Where else!?! In Burrbank! It was there that he cast and voice directed some 450 iterations of “G.I. Joe”, “Transformers”, “Jem”, “Inhumanoids”, “Visionaries”, “ExoSquad”, “ Conan”, “Big Foot”, etc. (“Etc.” was the only documented flop.)

It was also at Wally Burr Recording, during sessions with Orson Welles for “Transformers: The Movie!” that, in answer to a directorial comment from Burr, Mr. Welles was heard to rumble the rejoinder, “Surely, you’re not going to line-read me, are you?!!” Anyone who knows Burr’s reply to Welles is owed a free Snickers Bar! (Please contact Mars Candy Co.)

In 2001, Burr sold his recording studios and now, based upon a true story, leads the daring and exciting life of a high-flying Hollywood freelance voice director!

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