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Tara Strong


Tara Strong was born in Toronto, Canada. She knew from a very early age that she wanted to be a performer. She sang and danced in local performances and began her professional career at the age of thirteen. She was performing in TV and on stage when she received the call to audition for the title role of "HELLO KITTY" in the new animated series. It was her first voice over audition, and she booked the part, opening the doors to more than twenty animated series regulars, including "BEETLEJUICE", "CARE BEARS", "BABAR", and many more.

At the age of twenty, she moved to California in pursuit of even bigger dreams…which she accomplished when; within a three month time span; booked the voice of "BATGIRL" from Warner Bros Animated series, "BATMAN", "BUBBLES", from "THE POWER PUFF GIRLS", and "MELODY" in the sequel to Disney's "THE LITTLE MERMAID".

Since her arrival to Hollywood, Tara has experienced many wonderful successes, including her marriage to Craig Strong and the birth of their two sons. She's been a "RUGRAT", a "TEEN TITAN", a hero named "BEN 10", a kid named "TIMMY" with magical "FAIRLY ODD PARENTS", and now she lends her vocal talents to the only female series lead character in Cartoon Network's new "TRANSFORMERS" series, little "SARI". Tara feels truly honored to be a part of such a time honored classic franchise. The cast is magnificent and so is the writing. Tara knows how lucky she is to have been a part of something so special and hopes in the future to keep working on shows like "TRANSFORMERS" that have such great heart, and that fans truly enjoy.




Bumper Robinson was born in Cleveland, Ohio June 19, 1974. After starting to walk at an extremely early age, in all his eagerness to get into everything he could, he would constantly bump into things along the way. Noticing this amusing cycle of events; walk, bump, drop and again, walk, bump, drop . . . Bumper’s father decided to give him the nickname “Bumper”.

Bumper has quite an extensive background in voice work having begun with a role in Hanna-Barbera’s “Flintstone Kids” cartoon for which a character was actually developed in his own likeness. Bumper went on to lend his voice to characters in “The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, “Pinky and the Brain”, Saban Entertainment’s “What’s With Andy” and “Static Shock” as well as voice work in the animated feature “Brother Bear”. Bumper currently is the voice of Bumblebee and Blitzwing in the “Transformers” animated series.

BumbleBee - car mode

Optimus Animated


The voice of everyone's favorite villian, er, hero is returning to BotCon!

That's right, David Kaye will be on hand to help celebrate the all new Transformers series: Transformers Animated.
Many fans were first introduced to David as the voice of Megatron from the Beast Wars series. From there David went on
to voice Megatron for much of the next 10 years in series such as Beast Machines and Transformers Cybertron.

Now the voice of Optimus Prime, the young and heroic leader of a small band of Autobots, David will be on hand to
sign Autographs, participate in panels and be there to meet fans at BotCon 2008!

Megatron cgi


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