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Garry Chalk


Gemini Award winning GARRY CHALK has been a professional actor for 33 years. He has appeared in over a hundred movies and television shows, among them Cold Squad (6 years), Stargate SG1 (several seasons), The Outer Limits (several guest appearances), and many others. He is most recently appearing in AMC'S monster hit The Killing, which has been renewed for another season. In addition, he recently filmed an episode of the TV series, Psych.

Born in Southampton England, Chalk came to Canada at a very early age and found that he enjoyed performing. His first television appearance was in an episode of Saturday Kids Party with Ron Morriere as a singer in a Kiwanis boys choir when he was 12 years old. Since then, he has appeared in many feature films like The Watchmen, Deck the Halls, The Fly II, Battle in Seattle, and Sea Wolfe with Charles Bronson.

His voice over work in animation spans 30 years and over a thousand episodes of cartoons. You can hear his work on Beast Wars (Optimus Primal), Transformers: Armada, Energon and Cybertron (Optimus Prime), My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Fido the Diamond Dog), G.I. Joe, Sonic the Hedgehog, Reboot, and many, many more. Most recently, he starred as Sky Marshall Wade in the new hit series, Voltron Force.

Mr. Chalk continues to work in all areas of the entertainment world, from film, television, animation to theater.

For the past few years, Chalk has resumed his music career and performs at various venues in his hometown of Vancouver, Canada as a singer, guitarist, and piano player. But of all his creative pursuits, his greatest love is cartoons, and he says he will do voices in cartoons until the day he dies.

Garry thoroughly enjoys attending conventions and meeting the fans. He will often offer a musical performance at the conventions he attends, to the great pleasure of the attendees.

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