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Question: Will we be able to drive and park our cars at the Town & Country for BotCon?
Answer: Yes, but parking will be limited. Locals can use the Trolley and get off at the Fashion Valley Trolley Stop. If you are driving, you might want to consider car pooling with friends.

Question: Will you be selling a autograph arm band to get every guest's autograph?
Answer: Yes, it includes an autograph print and the band is good for all autographs. See our website for other autograph procedure details in the updates.


Question: Will you have a discount for shuttle service to BotCon?
Answer: Yes. Please click the Prime Time Shuttle button on the menu to book a reservation. $8 tip not included.

Question: How can I make a direct reservation for the shuttle service?
Answer: You can call the Prime Time Shuttle service call center to book your reservation at 800-733-8267 and hit 1 for reservations and give discount code 570187. Also, you can go to the Prime Time Shuttle website Where it says frequent rider ID, use discount code BOTCON.


Question: Do I have to be a member of the Transformers Collectors' Club to purchase general admission?
Answer: No.

Question: Will tickets for general admission be available for purchase online?
Answer: No, only at the door of the convention.


Question: I bought the Primus package and wanted to know if the tickets will be mailed to my address or do I bring in the copy of purchase to Botcon?
Answer: You bring to the show. We send the pick up times about two weeks prior to the event in an email.

Question: I recently moved and wanted to update my address, how do I make that change to my account?
Answer: You need to keep your address updated at "My Account" from and if you have an FSS order, you need to log in from the club site and update your addresses.


Question: Are there going to be autograph opportunities for the Rescue Bots guests?
Answer:Yes on Saturday only.

Question: If I signed up for the Thursday Custom class, do I get to register and pick-up my boxed set on Wednesday night?
Answer: Yes. You will get an email about two weeks prior to the show with your pick-up options.


Question: I already registered for Botcon 2013 but have changed my mind and would like to add a Pre-Convention Tour. How do I do this option?
Answer:You log back in, choose the number of people you need to get a tour for, on the package page choose the bypass and then you can add the tours and or t-shirts or hats.

Question: Does the Primus Package get me in all four days (27th, 28th, 29th & 30th)?
Answer: Yes. Activities don't start on Thursday until 6pm.

Question: Will 3rd party Transformers toys be sold at this years Botcon?
Answer: Any action figure is welcome as long as it does not infringe on Hasbro copyrights and trademarks. Those items are illegal to sell in this country.


Question: When I went to buy the protoform package it said it was all sold out. In a panic I tried again and it let me through?
Answer: The reason it did that was because someone was holding one in the cart and when it released it put it back in stock. That's why there is a timer. It only holds items in your cart for ten minutes.

Question: If I purchase an attending package and find out later that I can't go, can I convert to a non-attending package?
Answer: Yes but there is a $25 change fee + the shipping cost.


Question: If I submit a film for the film festival, how long does it take to find out if it has been accepted? If it is accepted and I have not yet registered, is there a way for me to purchase a registration package?
Answer: We only notify you if it is not accepted. We don't review the films until about a week before the show. If you wait that long we will probably be sold out of the packages.

Question: I am a member of the TCC and wanted to know if I buy a package for my friend, can I pay the club price?
Answer: No. Your membership only covers spouse, parents, children, siblings. You can purchase the package but it would be at the non-member price.

Question: Everything I see says BotCon is open from June 27-30th. Yet, I am only finding ticket options for Saturday and Sunday?
Answer: You must have a registered package to get in on Thursday and Friday. General Admission is only available on Saturday and Sunday.

Question: If I buy a Primus package and a Mini-con package, do I have to buy another package for my 3 year old?
Answer: No, but the child would not have a seat at the Casino Night Awards Party and that event is not appropriate for their age.

Question: Is the purchase limit still one per attendee for the additional exclusive figures regardless of Golden or Primus ticket?
Answer: If you are speaking of the Souvenirs, we announce the limits at the show. The Primus Golden Ticket has 3x the limit.

Question: Does triple the regular limit on exclusive convention souvenirs include the Loose Set of the 5-figure convention toys as well as the "One Assembled Class Figure"?
Answer: No. The Loose set and the Class Assembled figures are not souvenirs. They are add-ons to the package. The triple limit is for the items we announce at the show.


Question: Can you provide us with a map to help with driving directions to BotCon in San Diego?
Answer: Use the website directions:TOWN AND COUNTRY Resort
Address is 500 Hotel Circle North, San Diego, California 92108

Question: I'm just confused on how the Package Matrix works. Do I have to purchase a package before I attend?
Answer: Yes, in the first 24-48 hours or we will be sold out. The matrix is just for you to compare what comes with what package. Without a package, you will only be able to come as General Admission on Saturday or Sunday.

Question: I want to bring a sibling to BotCon with me this year. If I order the Mini-con package, will they be able to stay with me or do I need to order a completely separate package?
Answer: Your membership covers siblings. You would need a Primus and a Mini-Con package. Otherwise, they would have to purchase a GA ticket on Saturday and Sunday and have no entrance on Thursday or Friday with you.

Question: When can we expect to see the full BotCon schedule?
Answer: The BotCon schedule will come out about two weeks prior to the event.

Question:Will the customization class figure be announced before registration is available?
Answer:Nope. Find out at the convention.

Question: If I buy an artist alley table, would I also need to buy a Primus set/Protoform set to be able to attend the panels?
Answer: No, but the panels are when the Exhibit Hall is open. So you would need to find someone to watch your table.

Question: I was just curious about the Golden Ticket for Mini-cons. What exactly do they receive?
Answer: Access to the front row seating, early entry and the Friday night GT mixer with the special guests.


Question: How can I buy one of the Assembled Class figures?
Answer: The Assembled Class figures can be purchased (one per registered attendee) by anyone registering for an attending BotCon package: Primus, Primus GT, Mini-Con, Mini-Con GT or Protoform packages.

Question: Can a golden ticket pass be purchased upon arrival on a Friday or Saturday or does it have to be purchased online in advance?
Answer: The Golden Tickets are very limited and we expect they will sell out within 24 hours of putting the registration live.

Question: I want to submit a film for the film festival on Friday. If general admission is only for Sat/Sun, how do I get in for the festival?
Answer: You can't. Only registered attendees can get in on Friday.

Question: If I buy a Primus Package and a loose set. Do I get two attendee figures and two first 24hr pins?
Answer: No. The pins are per boxed sets.

Question: For the Mini-con pass, does it have to be a family member or can it be used by a friend?
Answer: It can be a friend but they pay the non-member prices. A staff member audits this before approving the registrations.

Question: What would you consider too "revealing" for a Transformers related costume?
Answer: If you have to ask, then consider it revealing. This is all subjective.


Question: After we register for BotCon, when is the money due?
Answer: You pay when you register. It is first come, first served.

Question: Where are the applications for artist alley? Will there be an online form?
Answer: Available online when convention registration goes live.

Question: How much are General Admission tickets for Saturday/Sunday?
Answer: Please see the information tab and read the convention brochure. There is a General Admission paragraph.

Question: Does the Sea World tour package include transportation, or is that something I have to handle on my own?
Answer: Package includes transportation from/to the hotel.

Question: Will I be e-mailed some kind of confirmation for my tour along with my registration confirmation?
Answer: Your confirmation is good for everything on your invoice.


Question: When will you have registration online for BotCon 2013?
Answer: Check back in early March. We will send out an email to all club members when it goes live.

Question: How can I purchase a convention name badge with my name on it and lanyard with my Iacon package?
Answer: Non-attending packages do not come with name badges and there is not a way to purchase them.

Question: What kind of payment is acceptable for registration? Check, credit card, paypal?
Answer: Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted.

Question: I am an artist interested in an Artist's Alley table, which the brochure says comes with one badge. Does that mean I would not have to buy a registration package on top of that?
Answer: Your Artist badge only gets you into the Exhibitor Room. If you want to do any of the other activities, you would need to be a registered attendee.

Question: Can you take the class and also order a pre-assembled class figure?
Answer: Yes. Please re-read the brochure as this is explained under the Class heading.

Question: My child is one year old and I was wondering if there is a charge for his attendance?
Answer: No but he would have to register for any tours you go on as a child counts as a seat. However, the Casino Night Awards Party is not an appropriate place for young children.

Question: Do the general admission people get entrance into panels and the exhibit hall?
Answer: Yes after the registered attendees.

Question: Is the Mini-Con package a stand alone ticket or something you can only purchase if you are already getting a Primus (etc.) package?
Answer: You can only get a Mini-Con to go with a Primus. Each Primus can only have up to 3 Mini-Cons. This is for family members to attend with the fan.

Question: Are you going to have the Transformers Hall of Fame this year?
Answer: Unknown at this time. If Hasbro does have it, they may do it differently.

Question: How does the registration system know if I am attending or not attending?
Answer: The registration system is a series of questions and choices. The first question is are you an Exhibitor or Registered Attendee. If you select Registered Attendee, the next question is are you attending or non-attending. Then the system will take you down the correct path.

Question: What does my TCC membership pricing cover?
Answer: It covers you, spouse, children, siblings and parents. When you register, you select the relationship the person is to you. If you are ordering an extra package for yourself, leave the selection as self. This area is audited by a staff member before your registration is approved.

Question: When will I receive confirmation of my package purchase?
Answer: A staff member reviews all registrations before approving them. The normal time frame is approximately two business days, but when there are several hundred to do the first day, it may take an extra day or two. The best way to get approved faster is to not make any mistakes as if you have an error in your registration, they will skip over it and work the errors later.

Question: When will I know what my registration pick-up time slot will be at the show?
Answer: Regular registration pick-up starts at 6pm on Thursday before the convention. Attendees are broken down into waves so that it shortens your time in line. You cannot get in line before your group is called. You will receive your grouping approximately two weeks prior to BotCon.

Question: Will you be offering dealer tables at BotCon? If yes, do you know how much a sellers' table would cost?
Answer: Yes. Please read the brochure and look for the Exhibitor paragraph on the 3rd page.


Question: When will the 2013 BotCon brochure and information be available?
Answer: Check back at the end of February for full convention details.

Question: Will I need to buy tickets in advance to ensure attendance or can I buy them the day of the convention?
Answer: If you want to buy the 2013 Machine Wars box set, you need to be an active member of the Transformers Collectors Club in order to take advantage of the discounts. Otherwise, the general admission is on Saturday and Sunday for the show.

Question: I plan on attending BotCon this year and wanted to know if it is possible to buy the box set and exclusives at the con and pay extra to ship them to my house?
Answer: Not from us. There will be a shipping store set up at the convention that will allow you to ship whatever you want home (for a fee).

Question: I have a contest entry and I was wondering if I had to mail it into the club or bring it with me before the convention starts?
Answer: For the contests, please do not send any figures to us. The only entry that must come early to us is for the film festival. You bring the rest when you set it up on Friday.

Question: I wanted to ask if music videos of other fan videos that are Transformers related acceptable for the Film Festival?
Answer: Yes.

Question: What happens if I make hotel reservations and am not able to actually get tickets for us into the events?
Answer: You can always cancel the reservation at the hotel and they will refund your money. Also, General Admission tickets never run out. You will want to make sure you are an active member of the Transformers Collectors' Club to get the discounts and first notice.

Question: Can we buy tickets for BotCon at the door?
Answer: Only general admission can be purchased at the door for Saturday or Sunday.

Question: When are you going to release the BotCon celebrity guest information?
Answer: Celebrity Guests will be announced prior to the show dates.

Question: Will this year's Botcon be celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Transformers, or will this theme be for the 2014 BotCon?
Answer: The Transformers anniversary is 2014.

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