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Q: Will you be emailing us our package pick-up information before the show?
A: This year we are posting all the package pick-up information online. Please read all the details and print this information as well bring a copy for reference to the event:




Q: I'm registered for the Wednesday customizing class at BotCon and have a couple questions: Do I need to check-in early or just show up for the class at 8am? Will I still have package pick-up on Thursday night? Also, is there a lunch break during the class?
A: You show up Wednesday at 8am to the class location. You get package pick-up on Wednesday night. More info to come. Yes for lunch.

Q: Are the Attendee souvenir exclusives only available to those who have purchased a package or can any attendee buy them?
A: If any souvenirs are left over on Saturday. They could all be sold out.

Q: Can I add anything to my package after Registration has closed?
A: No, as we must now prepare for your arrival:
Late Registration is available on-site at the Pheasant Run Resort. Please come by the registration booth Friday, June 19, 9:30 am. Any available packages, Frank Welker VIP Passes, and Exhibitor space will be sold on a first-come, first-served, basis. We cannot add anything to your Registration between now and Friday, June 19, 9:30 am. For additional items come to Late Registration. All remaining souvenirs (Assembled Class Figure, T-shirts, Loose sets, Hats) will go on sale to registered attendees on Thursday night during Package Pick-Up.

Q: If I can't attend until Saturday, could I still purchase the 5 pack con set?
A: Late Registration starts at 9:30 on Friday. If you come then, you can come to the Friday panels and the Private Preview on Friday.

Q: For the Frank Welker panel on Saturday afternoon, if we do not have the VIP pass, can we still sit in on the Frank Welker Live panel?
A: Yes, seating will be GT and VIP first, registered guests second, General Admission third.

Q: I have not received my BotCon confirmation email yet. Should I have?
A: Yes, you should have received a confirmation email by now but… not all emails go through. So to get a copy and check on your registration, log in at the convention registration site using the email and password your package was processed under. After you log in, click on your email (see registration video) and it will drop down a menu where you can Review Your Order.

Your order should have a button beside it that says Review. Click on the review button. If you it doesn’t have a review beside it but looks like this:
Order screen
You do not have a good order and will need to click the Start Over on the top menu and place your order. Do not click the edit and attempt to register, it could create another incomplete order.

If your order looks like this:
good order

It is good and if you click on the Review button you will see this in the bottom left hand corner of your invoice, indicating that your order has been post processed:

approved order

Numbers will vary by each order as that is transaction number. Make a screen shot of your order and then print it if you like.

There are several orders that are known problems and we are in process of getting them fixed. If you believe you have a problem order please contactbrian@funpubinc.comand he will check your order.

If your Review Order screen has both the good order and one that says Edit, just ignore the one that says edit as it is partial order that was started but it does not have any inventory or packages associated with it.

The Edit orders will eventually drop out of the system. Almost every Dashboard has one of the Edit orders in it. Again, please ignore it.

Q: Are you guaranteed souvenirs (via vouchers) if you do your package pickup on Friday (with the decreased souvenir edition numbers)?
A: You get a voucher. This does not guarantee anything. But, we will not run out on Thursday night. Friday is unknown. What is left Saturday goes open to everyone including the General Admission. Thursday and Friday are vouchers only.

Q: Does one need the GT, Primus or Mini-Con package to be able to enter the costume contest, since it is at the awards dinner?
A: Yes. Any. You must have a package to come to the dinner and/or to be in the contest.

Q: Is there a specific time I need to pick up my convention package or can I pick that up when I arrive for the convention because I don't plan on arriving till Saturday?
A: You can pick up any time after your assigned slot. You will get an email about a week before the show concerning your time slot.

Q: Who is able to go to the awards dinner on Saturday night? Is it only open to Golden Ticket and Primus package holders?
A: Yes and Mini-Cons. These are the packages you must have to be able to go to the dinner.

Q: What do I need to do to enter the costume contest?
A: You must be a registered attendee with a package. Then just bring your costume to the dinner. It's during the dinner on Saturday night.

Q: I am looking to register for BotCon, do you have to get a package in order to attend at all?
A: No. Please read the information tab and the General Admission tab for options.

Q: Do you have a list of who is going to be in artist alley?
A: Don’t know until they sign up. We will post an update when the list is available.

Q: Is it possible to purchase admission at the door for Thursday instead of one of the weekend days?
A: No. The Exhibit hall is not open on Thursday. Both Thursday night and Friday require a package.

Q: Will there be news coming soon as to which shuttle service we can take to the Pheasant Run Resort?
A: Yes, please read this information from the SHUTTLE tab on the left side menu.

Q: Do you have to preorder early access tickets or will they be available at the door on Friday?
A: To get in on Friday you must register for a package. If you want the Early Bird General Admission ticket these are at the door on Saturday morning 9am.

Q: I just registered for VIP passes for Friday But I need to get VIP passes for Saturday. How can I do this? Can I go back into site and order them?
A: Please call the TCC office, we have to do it unless you order another package like Primus, etc.

Q: I signed up my son for the Thursday customizing class, but missed the assembled class figure purchase. For the customizing Class, will they be customizing the kit that is received or are they customizing the assembled unpainted class figure? If it is the assembled unpainted figure how can I purchase one for my son to do for the class?
A: They get an unassembled kit. They assemble and paint the figure. The assembled figure is for people that want an additional or can’t take the class.

Q: Is registration done online through the BotCon website, and when does it begin?
A: Yes, watch for the link that will be set (May 26th) from the registration tab. Please see the news updates and watch the "how-to" register video.

Q: What do I need to do before registration to get the discounts?
A: If you have not joined the Transformers Collectors Club yet, you need to do this before registration to get the discounts. You join Your log-in and password will be the same for the registration system as the club store.

Q: If I start registering on the first day, but don't have the money to pay, does the system save my shopping cart? Can I log in later and complete my registration without losing packages?
A: Unfortunately it does not. You must pay at the end or everything is released back into inventory. We cannot hold anything.

Q: I read general admission is sold onsite, but is there a limited number of tickets? Should we worry about getting there as soon as it opens in order to ensure we get in?
A: There is not a limit until the building is full and we don’t know what that exact number is. You can get in first on Saturday with an Early Bird ticket at 9:00 AM. After that you will be wherever you fall in the GA line. No way to know what time you should come.

Q: If I order a Primus package, and then decide I want to add a second person, can I still register them with a Mini-Con package?
A: You will have to call the TCC office and we will have to add the person. That feature is not implemented in this software version.


Q: As a vendor, do you know if there is a permit that we must obtain for selling goods in the state of Illinois?
A:No. We will hand out tax forms at the show and you remit using the form after the show.

Q: I would like to get Frank Welker autograph, is he part of the $25 autograph wristband purchase?
A:Sorry to say he is not part of the $25 autograph band.

Q: If your family friendly costume includes the guns of the character you're portraying, will they need to be safety capped?
A:Yes, all prop weapons require a safety check. No actual guns allowed.

Q: If I buy the GT Primus + Welker VIP it comes with two professional pictures with Frank. Is that correct? If that's the case is there any chance of being able to sub a picture for an autograph?
A:No there is no way to make any changes to the program. We are locked into what the guest can do.

Q: If I came and only bought a general admission ticket, would I still be able to get autographs with Frank Welker, Susan Blu, and John Moschitta?
A:Yes to Susan and John if you buy an autograph wristband. No to Mr. Welker as he is part of the VIP package.

Q: Can general admission tickets be purchased online for Early bird admittance?
A:No, onsite only.

Q: My son is currently a TCC member and I wanted to check which package do I purchase for him that gets him the "box set" and also allows me (as a dad) to accompany him?
A:He needs the Primus package, you need a Mini-Con.

Q: It says in your brochure that Derrick J. Wyatt is going to be at the meet-and-greet for Golden Ticket members. Is going to be a guest at BotCon this year?
A:Yes, he will be at the show.

Q: Will there be shuttles from other hotels to the convention center?
A:No, but parking is free at the venue.

Q: If the Welker package reaches ticket capacity during check out, will GT buyers get preference, or it doesn't matter, it's all about who is fastest?
A:You will have to pre-order the VIP ticket when you register. Sequence doesn’t make any difference and we believe it will be a sell out in pre-registration so there will probably not be any slots available to purchase at the convention.


Q: What activities/events are there on Thursday and Friday for those attending the convention?
A:The convention schedule will be posted soon. Thursday night is package pickup and exclusive sales and room to room trading. Friday are panels and the Private Preview. Saturday and Sunday have panels all day and GA is admitted to the Exhibit Hall.

Q: Will Frank Welker be hosting a panel at BotCon and will General Admission be able to go to the panel?
A:Yes, Mr. Welker will be hosting a panel at BotCon. It will be moderated by the BotCon staff. Everyone is invited to attend, however the order of seating will be VIP Pass and Golden Ticket Package holders (GT has reserved seating in the front of the room), all other registered attendees, then General Admission until we reach capacity. The room will hold approximately 1,500 attendees.

Q: Will the general public have any access to Frank Welker at all?
A:The Frank Welker VIP Pass is only available to Primus package holders. This includes an autograph session, a professional photo and other additional perks. Frank will be participating in a Q&A panel on Saturday afternoon and this is open to the general public, though not until all registered attendees are sat. If seating is still available, then general admission are welcome at the panel.

Q: When is the pick-up time for the packages?
A:All depends on where you fall in the registration cue. You will get an email after registration is processed telling you when your slot is. You can come anytime AFTER your appointed time. Registration pick-up starts at 6pm and will go all evening. Everyone will be split into hourly groups.

Q: Do you have to be a member of the TF Collectors' Club to purchase General Admission tickets?
A:General Admission tickets are purchased at the door. You do not need to be a member of the TCC.

Q: Is the Dealer info available yet, I see the discount deadline is May 15th but I do not see a reservation form on the website?
A:Deadline will change. Registration is not available quite yet.

Q: I won't be able to make it to my assigned registration pickup time on Friday, so can I still get my box set on Saturday?
A:Yes, we will still have it for you on Saturday.

Q: If I sign up for the club membership do I get a discount on a booth for the convention? Also I see that the registration for attendees is not up yet. Is this the same for dealer registration?
A:There is a limited time discount for the vendors. Club membership only affects the price of the convention packages, not the vendor pricing. Registration will go up at the same time for all items.


Q: The Golden Ticket includes: "Reserved seating in the first three rows of all panels". Does "all panels" include the Frank Welker panel?
A:Yes. The VIP package allows the participant to enter the room first, but does not supersede the reserved GT seating area.

Q: I'm worried that since the VIP autograph is on one day and the photos are on another is the whole convention going to be standing in line with that?
A:No. Both events are designed to move everyone through the line quickly. This is why they are on two different days. By specializing, it goes faster.

Q: Will Wi-fi access be available at the convention?
A:Wi-fi is only in the hotel rooms.

Q: Will there be convenient parking available at the show?
A:Parking is free and is a huge lot.

Q: What is the recommended time to show up for queuing of general admission tickets?
A:When you come for GA is up to you.

Q: Are we allowed to sell the Botcon exclusive toys when we obtain them at the convention?
A:After you have the souvenirs or convention sets, you can do whatever you want with them.

Q: I recall that some souvenir packages could be purchased at the convention. Can General Admission attendees obtain these?
A:If there are any items available by the time GA starts. Usually some items are sold out by then.

Q: Is it possible to buy general admission tickets in advance?
A:Tickets are only available at the door.

Q: Are the hourly drawings only for package holders?
A:Hourly door prizes are for everyone that puts a ticket in the drum.

Q: How can I make sure I'm on the correct mailing list to be notified when exhibitor/artist alley registration opens?
A:The mailing list is the current membership of the Transformers Collectors’ Club. If you want to be on that list, join

Q: I'll be flying into Chicago O'Hare International Airport and the convention location is a significant distance from it. Will there be a shuttle or charter service set up to take us from the airport to the convention's location, much like last year?
A:We are working on a company to do shuttles. Watch the website for updates.

Q: If I want to be the part of the Botcon Art Contest this year, should I mail the art work before the June 1st deadline?
A:You have to bring your art, we just need your information by 6/01 for spacing.

Q: Will there be ways of paying for souvenirs and such with credit/debit/bank cards? If not, are there ATMs on site for easy access to purchase items? Also, will vendors have credit card machines for payment?
A:Yes. We take Visa, Discover or MasterCard. There will be a separate line for cash that will move faster. ATM on property. Many vendors take cc but not all.


Q: When will registration for BotCon go online?
A:Registration is coming soon. We will send out an email to all TCC members before it goes live on the website.

Q: Do you have anything for people who only want to come on Friday? I see day-passes for Saturday and Sunday but not Friday?
A:That would be called the Protoform Package.

Q: If I go on the wet and wild mob tour, do I have to ride the seadog speed boat? Can I attend the rest of the tour without riding the boat?
A:You don’t have to take the boat ride but there is no discount on the tour if you choose not to ride.

Q: I'm in the UK and not able to travel, will I still be able to buy the blue Rattrap?
A:Figures in the box set are not sold separately. You can order a non-attending Iacon Package when registration starts.

Q: Do we accept Paypal this year?
A:No, but we do accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit cards.

Q: Does the Frank Welker VIP pass cover multiple people or is it per person?
A:It is per person, it does NOT cover multiple people.

Q: Is an infant required to purchase a package?
A:Four and under are free, older children would require a package.

Q: Can General Admission enter the Art Contest?
A:No, you do have to be a registered guest attendee.

Q: Can non-attending Primus purchase the VIP pass?
A:No, this would be for Attendee Primus or GT Primus Package Holders only.

Q: I have 3 club memberships, all under the one account but with our 3 different names. Will I be able to purchase 3 Primus packages at the club rate?
A:You don’t need 3 accounts to purchase 3 Primus packages. You can order multiple packages under your one account. However, you will only receive 1 name badge and one set of souvenir purchase forms.

Q: It was stated that Marissa Faireborn could potentially be available for sale at Botcon (I know that this could change). If she is available, could there be a limit set to how many will be sold to each GT and Primus ticket on Thursday and Friday?
A:Marissa Faireborn and the Old Snake sets are club exclusives and will probably be limited to 1 each. We still don’t know if they will make it in time for BotCon.

Q: Is there a limit to the Frank Welker VIP Pass? If that limit is reached, is there a possibility to add more?
A:Yes. No.

Q: My son is planning to sign-up for the custom class. As his father, is it possible to just go for the class that one day to help him? Or do I have to register as well?
A:Unfortunately we don’t allow observers in the class. You would have to have a package and a class to participate on Friday.

Q: I am an Exhibitor and want to check on getting a booth if there are any spaces still available?
A:Registration has not opened for Exhibitors yet. We will send out an email and post on the website when it is available.

Q: Which guests will be included in the $25 autograph wristband?
A:For General Admission attendees, Susan Blu and John Moschitta are included in the autograph band.

If you are a registered guest, you don’t need the band. You get free autographs (limit 2 per time in line) with these regular guests.

Q: Is the only way to get the Frank Welker autograph by upgrading to one of the major packages?
A:Frank Welker is only in the VIP package which requires a Primus or GT Primus package + the VIP Pass. It’s also only one item signed.

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