The BotCon '05 Awards Banquet!

Saturday Night was GREAT! BotCon package holders gathered at 7 PM for dinner
and an incredible performance by the voice actors and the BotCon idol winners.
Even Brian Savage and Pete Sinclair joined in. These talented people were
simply amazing. After the performance, the awards were presented for the figure and
art contests. Finally, a drawing was held and one person from each
table won the suprise centerpiece which was gift-wrapped in red and purple.
As everyone began to leave, fans scurried to retrieve the discarded script pages
littering the stage. It was truly a wonderful night.

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The BotCon '05 banquet begins!

Voice actors on stage!

Wally and BotCon Idol Winner

Michael Dobson

Paul Dobson

Michael Chain

The script reading

Hillarity ensues

Awards Presentation

Awards Presentation

Awards Presentation

Contest Winners

The Dobsons at Dinner

The cast

A wonderful performance!