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Mini-Golf w/ Optimus Primal, Rollercoaster rides with Rattrap, a last minute appearance of a Rescue Bot, and a Toy Drive for those in need of sickle cell care resources!

It’s the Tuesday before BotCon and the updates just keep rolling in! You can now order the Saturday Night experience package which will allow you a once in a lifetime chance at hanging with your favorite voice actors for a night of mini golf or riding rollercoasters at the amazing Nickelodeon Universe theme park, both located at American Dream.

Browse the Experience Packages here:


Next up, a last minute surprise guest. Making her first appearance at a convention of any type, Courtney Shaw, the voice of Rescus Bots Whirl, will be at BotCon this Saturday and Sunday! Be sure to stop by her table and say hi!

We've also got the talented Dan Khanna joining the artist alley, and some of your favorite Transformers social media content creators! See our full line-up over at the
GUESTS page!


Last, but far from least, there will be a ROC sponsored Toy Drive to benefit those that are undergoing sickle cell care and treatment. Be sure to bring a toy with you to BotCon this weekend to donate to this great cause!

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