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We're excited to announce that the custom figure class is now live! As in previous years, there will be two classes for you to choose from!
The Thursday AM Class

The Thursday PM Class

Additionally, we've added a BotCon 2023 PLUS Add-On Package
This package includes:

  • EXTRA Set Of 52 Toys Beastdrive Translucent Squirrel And Dino Armor Add-On Set. (This Is The Only Way For The Weekend Pass Holders To Acquire The Set).

  • Special Scott McNeil Friday Autograph Signing Time.

  • Scott Auto Doubler! - For Those That Need More Autographs Than What Your Package Includes, This Is Your Chance.  Whatever Package You Have, The Number Of Autographs You Can Get Will Now Double. Weekend (2), Premium (4), VIP (8)

Finally, We have our Guest announcements! Check them out below!

Check out our Guest page for the full line up!

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