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8 AM-4:30 PM Horses and Kentucky Bourbon 
8 AM-4 PM Transformers Customizing Class 
8:30 PM Golden Ticket Package Pick-Up 
9:30 PM Tour and Class Package Pick-Up


8 AM-5 PM Caving and Museum Tour 
8 AM-4 PM Transformers Customizing Class 
4:00 PM Golden Ticket Package Pick-up 
5:00 PM Golden Ticket Store Opens 
6:00 PM Registration Package Pick-up Opens 
6:00 PM Club Store Opens 
8-10 PM Exhibitor drop off - load in


7:30 AM-2 PM Exhibitor Setup 
8:30-9:30 AM Club Store opens for Exhibitors Only 
9-11 AM Autographs: David Kaye, Venus Terzo & Gregg Berger 
9-9:50 AM TCC Magazine/Comic Panel with Pete Sinclair & John-Paul Bove
10 AM-Noon Club Store opens for all Registered Guests
9:30 AM Walk-up Late Registration
9:00-Noon Contest Setup 
10:00-10:50 Panel: Stan Bush & Vince DiCola 
11:00-11:50 Panel: Transformers Filmfest 
Noon-12:50 Panel: Beast Wars 20th Anniversary 
1:00-1:50 Panel: Script Reading starring Judd Nelson, David Kaye, Venus Terzo & Gregg Berger
2:00 PM Private Sales Room Experience Opens
1:00-3:00 PM Contest Judging
2:30-4:30 PM Autographs: David Kaye, Venus Terzo & Gregg Berger
3:30-6:00 PM Autographs: Judd Nelson (Friday VIP)
5:00 PM Private Sales Room Experience Ends
7:30 PM Golden Ticket Meet Up
8:00 PM Hall of Fame Human Inductees Presentation at 4th Street Live!
8:30 PM Stan Bush & Vince DiCola in concert at 4th Street Live!


7:30 AM Exhibitor Set-up 
8:30 AM Registered Guests Private Preview 
9 AM Early Bird Entry 
9 AM-11:30 Autographs: Judd Nelson (SATURDAY VIP)
10 AM General Admission 
10-11 AM Autographs: Aaron Archer 
10:00-10:50 Panel: Venus Terzo Q&A 
11:00-11:50 Panel: Hasbro Product preview 
Noon-12:50 Panel: Gregg Berger Q&A 
12:30-3 PM Photo Session: Judd Nelson (ALL VIPs) 
1:00-1:50 Panel: Transformers Cosplay - Rosemary Ward 
1-3:00 PM Autographs: Venus Terzo, Gregg Berger 
2:00-2:50 Panel: Aaron Archer Q&A 
3:00-3:50 Panel: Transformers Collectors’ Club Roundtable 
4:00-4:50 Panel: Judd Nelson Q&A 
5:00 PM Exhibit Hall Closes
7:30 PM Casino Night Awards Dinner and Auction



9:00 AM Exhibitor Set-up
9:30 AM Registered Guests and General Admission
10:00-10:50 Panel: The Art of Transformers
10 AM-Noon Autographs: Venus Terzo, Gregg Berger & Aaron Archer 
11:00-11:50 Panel: Hayato Sakamoto w/ host Andrew Hall 
Noon-12:50 Panel: Cybercast Podcast 
1:00-1:50 Panel: BotCon Over the Years 
3:30 PM Show Closes

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