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Yesterday we announced that we have teamed up with 52 Toys for this years official BotCon Convention Box Set and also revealed the first two figures, The Terracons Albitron & Dragonfire.

Today, it’s time to see who the heroes of the set are! So with that, we are psyched to introduce The Guardians - Siberious & Motley Roo w/Josie. Just like yesterday’s reveals, these two figures will look great next to all of your other BotCon exclusives. If you are new to BotCon, then these Guardians along with the Terracons swill be the perfect figures to start that BotCon display shelf! For more info about 52 toys and their Beastbox toy line, you can read all about them here. And then be sure to check out their Facebook page here. Registration for BotCon 2022 starts this Friday so stay tuned!

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