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We are thrilled to announce that the artist for this years official convention comic is Twitter phenom Lantana! Known for their amazing Transformers pin ups online, we were quite excited that they agreed to tackle the all-new BeastBox Comic! With Shattered Glass as a partial inspiration for the character decoes, their appreciation for that concept along with their styling and coloring has provided an amazing first entry in the U.S. BeastBox saga! Additionally, supplying the general release cover for this years comic is none other than legendary Transformers artist Geoff Senior! His amazing take on The robot aesthetic defined a whole era of Transformers comics and we couldn’t be more thrilled that he has brought his style to this the general release cover for this convention special issue of BeastBox! While we can’t show the cover yet as it would spoil one of the EXCLUSIVE souvenirs that will be a available at the show, you can check out a gallery of both Latana’s and Geoff’s amazing Transformers work on our Facebook page. You can take a look at a preview of the comic on our Exclusives page. Then, swing on over to the event page to grab your tickets and let us know that you’ll be attending BotCon 2022, presented by Agabyss, with the thousands of other Transforming Robot fans!

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