BotCon ’24 is organized and promoted by the team at:

Agabyss Staff – *Frank Welker not included (ha ha)

What is BotCon to us?

BotCon is the ultimate Transformers fan event. It is more than just the toys, the guests, the panels. BotCon is a place where fans have, for 30 years now, traveled to from around the world to spend time with their fellow fans and to experience all things fandom related for 4 days!

What can you expect from BotCon?

Our goal for BotCon is not to just have “something” for everyone, but to offer numerous activities and experiences that will give every fan a full day of Transformers related entertainment! At BotCon you will see: Ten’s of Thousands of Transformers Toys for sale, a weekend long art room w/ various drawing/custom classes, a video room, panels featuring various fandom topics, Cosplayers, Art/Custom contests, Movie Nights, Games w/ Prizes, Guests & Artists that have worked on the Transformers brand, OFFICIAL Transformers licensees on site to demo their product, and of course… EXCLUSIVE toys!

What is expected from BotCon?

First and foremost, BotCon is a show for EVERYONE. Every single member of Agabyss and their support staff are committed to creating an environment that is open and welcoming to everyone. There is zero room for any type of negative attitudes/harassment towards your fellow attendees and/or staff, and vice versa. EVERY single person affiliated with BotCon is committed to creating a welcoming atmosphere for ALL attendees. We hold our staff, vendors, and contributors to this standard, and we hope you will approach the weekend the same way. As with all things in life, respect for your fellow fan is key.

BotCon ’24

BotCon ’24 will host attendees from Ft. Wayne to California, from Canada to Australia. That is sure to be a very diverse group of people. At BotCon though, first and foremost, we are all fans! We look forward to seeing everyone at the show this June!