The Legacy of BotCon

For the past 30 years, BotCon has been the convention fans have viewed as the standard for Transformers related events. This is the show that introduced Transformers collectors of all ages to exclusive figures, brand related special guests, previews of upcoming product from Hasbro, casino night, concerts, the Transformers Hall of Fame, and of course the worlds largest Transformers exhibition hall/dealer room! The one thing BotCon has always been about from the very beginning though was the fans. The friends and relationships that were formed dating way back to 1994.

BotCon has seen many changes over the years. The show has been held in 19 different cities, 13 different states and 3 countries, produced over 200 exclusive figures, and created countless hours of memories for fans from around the world.

BotCon also provided an opportunity to tell official comic stories with fan favorite characters in new worlds and situations. Some original BotCon characters have also been adapted to mainstream comic books and cartoon series. The legacy of these and other BotCon related characters can still be seen in the Transformers brand today. Some of the BotCon originated concepts, such as Shattered Glass, are now being offered as new toys from Hasbro Pulse. These concepts have also found there way in to media outside of Transformers, including the hit anime series ‘Gridman’ from Japan based Tsuburaya.

BotCon has always been, and continues to be, a place for fans to interact, to share stories, and to grab great BotCon memorabilia. You can stay up to date through our various social media channels and then get ready for BotCon’s 30th anniversary, where we will also be celebrating the 40th anniversary of The Transformers!

Get ready as we bring more, much more, to the table in 2024!