Here is a look at our current list of Vendors for BotCon ’24:

BotCon 2024 Vendor Booth info:

Transformers 40th Anniversary
1980’s U.S. Branded Merchandise SHOW & SALE!

This is going to be unlike anything anyone has ever seen before! At BotCon ‘24 June 27-30 there will be an ACTUAL 10×20 Bedroom set up in the Exhibitor hall featuring the largest exhibit of 1980’s U.S. G1 branded licensed merchandise ever seen on display.

But that’s not all. Weekend/Premium attendees will have FIRST opportunity to purchase from the collection. That’s right, it is ALL for sale!

Here are the details:

There will over 500 individual items for sale. Many of these are EXTREMELY difficult to find. As there will be people traveling for this, the vendor has set forward the following conditions.

  1. Weekend/Premium Badge holders will have the opportunity to shop the collection Thursday evening. Time TBD.
  2. Items will be put in to two labels. Red Label. Green Label. Red Label items will be a MAXIMUM of 3 items per person per trip through the line. Green Label items will be a maximum of 7 items per person per trip. This allows up to 10 items to be purchased each time through the line. This is to ensure EVERYONE traveling for this collection has a chance to get some of these amazing items.
  3. A complete price list will be provided to all Weekend/Premium badge holders at registration. There will also be a visual guidebook available for purchase.
  4. Items purchased Thursday night will be available for pick up starting Saturday afternoon at 3pm. At check out Thursday, each buyer will be provided both a physical receipt AND a photo receipt to ensure fulfillment of items on Saturday.
  5. There will be NO pre-sales. All initial sales will be conducted on June 27th at BotCon ’24. CASH sales only.
  6. The remaining items will be available to everyone once again starting Sunday morning. No Limits.
  7. ALL PRICES are set. The prices on the price list are the set final price. Any discounts will not be available until Sunday morning on any remaining items.

Do not miss the once in a life time opportunity to get your picture in the room, see this amazing selection of branded merchandise, and take some amazing items home with you as well!

Any question please contact us via the contact us button.