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08/22/23 - It's BotCon Week!
We've got a great news update for you as we all start to make our trek... READ MORE 


08/07/23 - I Don't Want To Grow Up!
Our final guest announcement, and we called up one tall order for... READ MORE 


07/28/23 - BotCon 2023 News Update!
We've got a lot of exciting updates to cover today... READ MORE


06/28/23 - BotCon 2023 Non Attendee Package PLUS Souvenirs now available!
You can now purchase the BotCon 2023 non attending packages to secure the limited exclusive figure offerings... READ MORE


06/26/23 - BotCon Guest and Exclusives Update!
We have some in hand images of our 52 Toys Beast Box exclusive set for you all to enjoy, along with some more guest... READ MORE


06/10/23 - BotCon Guest and Custom Class Update!
Tickets for BotCon 2023 custom class are now availble to order online, we also have some more great guest announcements... READ MORE


06/01/23 - BotCon 2023 Guest Announcement!
The sixth guest announcement for BotCon 2023 is Susan Blu! Fans will recognize her from her role as Arcee in the G1 cartoon, however this legendary talent was also the voice director for the Beast Wars cartoon! Keep an eye on our Guest page for more reveals! 


04/26/23 - Celebrating 15 Years of Shattered Glass!
Click the image to read the entire first issue of Shattered Glass as presented in Timelines Issue #3, or click READ MORE

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