BotCon ’24 Cosplay Showcase & Contest!

Paint, fabric, foam, cardboard… Whatever your medium of choice, come share your best cosplay with your fellow fans! Make it a spectacle! Then join us for our Cosplay Contest, where you can compete for a variety of prize packs including  Toys & Agabucks! The Grand Prize will be a $500 value prize pack! The BotCon 2024 Cosplay Contest will be hosted by Master of Ceremony and acclaimed cosplayer Nelly_The_Genie2.0. Fall into ranks and take part as he decides his best cosplay warriors and have your skill and hard work celebrated! If you’re interested in participating, please fill out our Cosplay Contact Form*. If you decide to be part of the fun, we’ll add your name to the list of entrants. Good luck!

*All the fine print lingo under the Contact Form

BotCon ’24 Cosplay Contact Form

– Fine Print –
* To take part in the Cosplay Contest, you will need to be a ticketed attendee. You can buy Premium, Weekend, and Daily passes on the Tickets page.
* If you have a child 12 or under who would like to participate, their admission is free if accompanied by a ticketed adult. Kids never have to pay to be a kid at BotCon!
* Entrants must display a valid badge or wristband to this year’s BotCon. Entrants for the adult session must be 13 years of age or older. Entrants for the Children’s session must be 12 or under. Adult entrants must have made it significantly altered at least half of their costumes in order to compete.
* BotCon staff, volunteers and judges are not allowed to compete.
* BotCon reserves the right to disallow any contestants on basis of appropriateness of costume. BotCon is a family friendly convention. Nudity or simulated nudity are strictly prohibited. Costumes deemed racist, obscene or otherwise derogatory will not be allowed to compete and will be removed from the convention area. Costumes with hate symbolism will not be allowed to compete and will be removed from the convention area.
* Entrants must be able to wear their costumes without medical distress such as overheating, lacerations, etc.
* Any prop or weapon must have passed inspection, depending on realism.
* BotCon staff has the final say on all entries.